Thailand Inventors’ Day 2020
Feb 2-6, 2020

        The National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) is a governmental organization holding status as a department under the command of the Prime Minister or assigned Deputy Prime Minister. NRCT acts as a key unit to give advices on nation development through research and development application. As well, its main function is to develop the country’s research system by formulating national research policy and strategy, setting the direction in which the national research plan is driven, evaluating the country’s research in overall, setting up research standards and acting as a research data center. In addition, NRCT also promote and support research, invention, innovation and technology transfer to related users in both the private and public sectors. One of main activities on promoting inventions and innovations, NRCT has cooperation with related organization to hold Thailand Inventors’ Day since 1995 up to the present.

      The Cabinet resolved on 10 May 1994, to declare 2 February of every year as the Inventors’ Day in Thailand, to commemorate the achievement of His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the Father of Thai Invention, in inventing the “Low Speed Surface Aerator” or the so-called “Chaipattana Aerator”. On 14 August 2001, NRCT has been assigned to be the leading agency, coordinating with other government agencies and the private sector to organize Thailand Inventors’ Day. Since then the event has been held to open floor to all Thai and international inventors to exhibit and promote their inventions, new products or new techniques as well as to share experiences among themselves. Therefore, the fruitful commercialization and cooperation on research, invention and innovation will be operated effectively.

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