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AniAge Project To develop novel techniques and tools to reduce the production costs and improve the level of automation without sacrificing the control from the artists, in order to preserve the performing art related ICHs of Southeast Asia.

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CDE unit:

Numerical Optimization Methods

Unit Summary

This unit aims at the numerical optimization techniques with application to graphics, image and video processing. The goal is to help students sweep away math barriers when studying individual research papers. Teaching is composed of weekly 2-hour lecture and a 3-hour workshop (as needed). In workshop, a research paper will be used as an example of the taught optimization methods.


The unit consists of seven modules, covering linear and non-linear optimization methods. That would be better if you have studied calculus and algebra courses at your undergraduate programme. Every module is independent and self-contained since the preliminary concepts/definitions are reviewed in the first section of each module. Thus, you can enter the unit according to the content of the module.


The unit specification here

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Any query, please email Dr Hongchuan Yu,

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Module: Nonlinear Least Square Methods

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13.00-15.00 on 8 Nov., in F304


15.00-16.00 on 8 Nov., in F304

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13.00-15.00 on 25 Oct., in F304


10.00-12.00 on 25 Oct., in SC504 (SUBU)


10.00-12.00 on 1 Nov., in SC504 (SUBU)


13.00-14.00 on 1 Nov., in F304